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Mother Nature

Mother Nature is the manifestation of “Brahma” i.e. the eternal consciousness. Like a lovable mother, she endorses our prayers and uplifts our soul towards perfection. She is the embodiment of love and harmony. The Mother is the portrait of self-confidence & self-confidence is necessary to bring happiness and win over all sorrows. What more you need if you’re overwhelmed with joy in yourself? Whenever you pray for her cooperation, it is she, who answers your prayers. She is the conscience and power. Her eternal beauty heals our pain and gives the sense of joy. She has bestowed on us intelligence with consciousness. By her wish, the evolution has taken place and we have succeeded to transform ourselves from a single-celled being to trillion-celled human being. And if she wishes then only the further evolution can take place. It is her wish that the celestial bodies are revolving around their own path. She is not a mere concept but the realization of truth. The blue sky, green plants, flowers, butterfly, mountains, sea, stars, planets, you, I and every atom in this universe emanates from the Mother. Without her wish a single leaf cannot be shaken. All our strengths, knowledge, wisdom belongs to her. She is above all narrowness. In Indian mythology, she has been considered as a goddess of power. It is she, who preserves our universe.

It would be more prudent to beg for co-operation of the Mother Nature than to make naughty attempt against her. Sri Aurobindo once said, “Oh! Nature, please co-operate”. The Great seer knew it was impossible to transform human consciousness without the co-operation of the Mother Nature. Likewise nature of universal being might help to change the nature of human beings.

The tsunami in south-east Asia that bludgeoned thousands of people to death may be the severe-most natural calamity of this century. We once again realized to the depth of our heart how helpless man was at the rages of nature. Brilliant proposals were mooted only after the unsought event took place. No one could guess that the whole city would turn into rubble in a short time. Only men can make an analysis of what has already happened. Perhaps someday man may succeed to forecast an earthquake. But that would depend on scientific advancement. Even if someday such knowledge is acquired still man cannot do without the co-operation of the Mother Nature. A very small change in relative position of sun, moon, stars and minute deviation in the orbital motion of earth can bring about a total change of the world. If this is true then why do we boast of our scientific knowledge? Why do we run after wealth so much? Why are we strained by desire?

Oh! Mother Nature, please co-operate. We have come to this earth to fulfill your wish. The earth is just the sphere of action and work is the mean to uplift one’s soul towards perfection. Mother, let not a single drop of ego covers the mind. Mother, we pray to you, give us the courage to serve the Truth so that we can touch your lotus feet. Mother, let your love bestow on us and uplift us towards almighty. Mother, give us the conscience, so that we can distinguish between truth and falsehood. Mother, we ask for your co-operation in every field of our progress. Give us the conscience to understand your indications and your answers. Mother, make the world free from envy. The world is crying with misery. So, we need your lap to find the way out. Please bring peace in this planet and unveil the path towards enlightenment.

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  • Mother Nature

    Mother Nature is the manifestation of "Brahma" i.e. the eternal consciousness. Like a lovable mother, she...

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