We wish to attain the spiritual consciousness to kindle the aspirations
for self-realisation among the people of the world...
  • What is spiritualism?

    Spiritualism is distinct from religion. Doctrines can give birth to number of religions but Spiritualism resides above all such worldly rituals. It can be defined as a plane of realization of Truth. It is the choice of yours which you think can...

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  • The Great Sayings

    The bodily appearance is not all. The form deceives, the personality is a mask; Hid deep in man celestial powers can dwell. His fragile ship conveys through the sea of years An Incognito of the Imperishable.

    - Sri Aurobindo

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  • News & Programme

    Prayers, Nama-samkirtana and Spiritual Discourses are held every Saturday at the premises of Rupayan, Michael Nagar, Kolkata - 700 133 at 6:30 P.M.

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  • Our Prayer

    Oh! Divine Mother, our soul aspires that the world of 21st century be free from exploitation....

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  • Mother Nature

    Mother Nature is the manifestation of "Brahma" i.e. the eternal consciousness. Like a lovable mother, she...

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